Saturday, August 25, 2012

Everton: Unstoppable Win at Villa

Two games, two wins and what a game it was.

The second game of Everton's season sees Naismith coming in while Hibbo does not even make it to the bench, Neville taking over his place. Jelavic and Distin who were deemed doubtful starts tonight.

In a short two minutes, Everton scores their first goal and what a beauty! It was a good build up with Naismith as he sets it up for Pienaar. The dimunitive midfields then curled such a beauty of a shot beyond the reach of the diving goalkeeper. Everton 1-0 Aston Villa. Assist: Naismith.

Everton's dominating the last 15 minutes and Villa has no answer at this point in time. Villa are making so many stray passes that it is no longer funny.

With Everton in the ascendency, Everton scores again! We see Jag on the right wing? The defender crossed the ball so sweetly that Felli had no choice but to head the ball towards goal. The goalkeeper could and should have saved it but somehow his fumbling hands allowed the ball to get past him. Everton 2-0 Aston Villa. Assist: Jag.

Nothing can stop Everton now while at the same time, Villa seemed to have stoped playing. In the 42nd minute, Bainesy had all the space in the world on the left wing. He took his time in cutting back the ball and Jelavic was there to finish the move. Everton 3-0 Aston Villa. Assist: Bainesy.

Everton trods into the dressing room with much confidence! So far, It's not Felli that's unplayable, it's the entire team!

Oh my, Bad to worse for Villa in the 57th minute. Red card to one of their defenders for tripping Jelavic! Gibson took the free kick but it was slightly off target.

Pienaar had a chance with a wonderful cut back by Bainesy once again. Saved by Given. This time from a corner, Distin's header was cleared off the line!

Naismith is replaced by Coleman in the 63rd minute. Bainesy was tripped just outside the penalty box, thinks the linesman. But it's inside! Anyway, nothing came out of it.

Everton's new signing Keivn Mirallas makes his debut. He replaces Gibson. But instead of scoring more goals, Everton conceded one. Everton's defence was just backing off and with a thunder of a strike, we are now Everton 3-1 Villa.

Final substitution, Heitinga on for Jelavic. Mirallase was on target but he was caught offside. Everton seemed to have gone off the boiler a little.

Everton so nearly went another goal down but the shot shook the upright!

Still, Everton won the game comfortably and now look towards our cup match against Leyton Orient.

Score: Everton 3-1 Villa
Scorers: Pienaar, Felli, Jelavic
Assists: Naismith, Jag, Bainesy
Subs: Coleman, Mirallas, Heitinga

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Everton: Week 1 Players Standing

Top 100
Baines (8th)
Jag (27th)
Neville (49th)
Jelavic (54th)
Disitn (55th)
Ossie (69th)

Top 200
Hibbo (113th)
Naismith (121st)
Gibson (162nd)

Top 300
Coleman (229th)
Heitinga (293rd)

Felli (1xMan Utd)

Gibson (1xMan Utd)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The best start for the season and we sent the Red Devil back to hell!

The very first match of Everton's season starts with a game at Goodison Park. The team remained largely unchanged from last season, thus proving the amount of trust that David Moyes has of the team. Moyes employed a 4-5-1 formation with Jelavic being the lone man up front. The crowd welcomed the return of Pienaar and the unvealing of new man Kevin Mirallas.

Things were pretty cautious until the 14th minute. Felli who has been inspirational last season, continued with his fine form. His lightning-quick turn caught two Manchester United defenders unawares. The big man squeezed past the defenders and then wen on to smash the ball aganst the upright. It was

Pienaar's growing influence could be seen in the game. The shortest man on the pitch managed to trouble De Gea with a looping header which the goalkeeper palmed over.

26th minuteSo far, Felli has been effective in holding the ball and breaking play.

Manchester United has a better possession rate while Everton tries to hit them on the counter attack.

Everton came so close in the 32nd minute. Bainesy centred the ball to the in-running Pienaar whose curling shot was palmed away by De Gea. The ball as just creeping in. The subsequent corner created much chaos but not enough to bulge the net.

In the 40th minute, Feli puts in a good cushioned header in the box. It arrives at Ossie whose turning shot stinged the palm of De Gea.

Everton won themselves a free kick after Vidic has been adjudged to have fouled Jelavic. A lovely free kick by Bainesy and a good one-handed save by De Gea.

Half time. Ossie had one good strike on goal and if not, I'm pretty sure David Moyes will wring in the change and bring in Naismith. The play are happening largely through the centre, especially through Felli. Once again, Jelavic is the lone stallion running like crazy. 4-5-1's pretty effective, but goals will be hard to come by too.

Everton started the 2nd half with confidence. What a chance! Once again Felli was involved in the play. Hibbo curled in a lovely cross for Felli to cushion it down. Ossie was in the vicinity where he sweetly placed the ball beyond De Gea only to be denied by the goal post.

GOAL! The strongest and most effective man on the pitch scores! In the 59th minute, a corner by Gibson sees Felli rising higher than his shadow defenders. He planted a strong header past De Gea who barely moved.

Felli is totally hungry to win. His headers is ala Goodison fav Duncan Ferguson.

Manchester United nearly pulled one back but only for Jag to clear off the line. Rooney also came to life with his running that so nearly open up the chance to strike at goal.  

Moyes made his first change in the 80th minute to refresh the side. Coleman is in for Ossie.

Jelavic was taken out of the game as he had seemngly pulled his hamstring. It took Moyes at least 3 minutes to get his replacement Naismith in the game. Third and final replacement - Heitinga for Felli.

Felli as truly the man-of-the-match!

Score: Everton 1-0 Man Utd
Scorer: Felli
Assist: Gibson
Subs: Coleman

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Everton: Will We Win Our First Game?

Everton has not won their first game in four seasons and we now come face-to-face with a wounded devil for the start of this season. It's even scarier to note that Alex Ferguson has made some very astute purchases with the likes of Shinji Kagawa and Robin van Persie. So is Everton much better off now than last season? Will we win our first game after five years? Have we done enough during our Pre-season? Let's do a little comparison with what Everton has achieved a year before.

We know that pre season games are meant to build players' stamina and also, sharpen their skills. Still, it is worth noting that Everton played 9 tune-up matches last season - 3W1D5L with Beckford and Magaye showing that they were ready for the season. Goals were hard to come by and yet when the transfer dust has settled, we lost two strikers with Beckford to Leicester City and the protracted transfer of Yakubu to Blackburn Rovers. Not only that, we also lost our playmaker Mikel Arteta to Arsenal. Two loan players came in - Royston Drenthe and Denis Stracqualursi to help keep the club afloat. Many of us had to visit YouTube to see what could we expect from these two players.

It was even gloomier in the 2010/11 season where there were no major transfers, both in or out of the team.

In this new season, Everton played 6 tune-up matches - W4D0L2. Everton had started their recruitment early and though it was just to sign up Pienaar on a permanent contract, and a controversial free transfer of Steven Naismith, the two players proved to be influential in the pre-season games. Everton then went on to sell Rodwell to hopefully, further fund the purchase of more players.
The biggest difference to the team were the signings Moyes made in January 2012. A non-believer of mid-season signing, the purchase of Jelavic and Gibson, together with short term loan deals of Donovan and Pienaar totally rejuvenated the sad state of the team. These players, san Donovan, are still here with us.

Everton is still pretty thread-bare, but from my perspective, the players are much better settled than they were for the last two seasons. Though Manchester United may be a strong team, they are still made up for 11 mortal men. Let's give them all that we have at Goodison Park. COYB!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Everton: Build on the Next Season

Everton closed their final match with a resounding win. It was Manchester City winning the Cup and boy was it close. Bolton goes down, together with Blackburn and Wolves who had already been relegated before today's kick-off.

Everton sees the return of Bainesy in this final match. This means that Players' player of the year Distin is benched. There are a couple of uncertainties such as will Everton be signing Pienaar and Strac? Will Felli and Bainesy be staying? But for now, full concentration will be on this match.

Everton looked to have controlled the match while Newcastle seemed totally lethargic. Ossie won a solid header on the right channel. Felli picked up the ball and ran at the defence. No one closed him down. He slides the ball to Pienaar and once again, the defence was just backing off. Pienaar had all the time in the world to curl the ball into the net, via a big deflection. Everton 1-0 Newcastle.

Eveton has another chance on goal. A free kick had the entire Newcastle defence in disarray. The ball was heading out but Ossie had other ideas. He kept the ball in play, lay it back off for Pienaar who smashed the ball. It rebounded off the vertical and out of play. So, so close.

In the 26th minute, Jelavic latched onto a long ball from Felli. He somehow used his hands to control the ball. The referee though did not see it. Took a shot, but was palmed away by the goalkeeper. The ball rebounded back to Jelavic who expertly hit the ball beyond the goalkeeper. Everton 2-0 Newcastle.

Everton is in ascendency and Newcastle has barely an answer to Everton's onslaught.

Newcastle has made two substitutions at half time and things looked tighter now for the opposition.

Everton wins the free kick with good shielding by Jelavic. Gibson takes the freekick and Heitinga was there to power home the third goal! Everton 3-0 Newcastle.

The Dutch goalscorer is rested and on come Distin.

But Everton felt charitable and with Howard off the line, Hibbo heads it into the empty net. Did Howard even call for the ball? Everton 3-1 Newcastle.

Timmy comes in for Neville.

Everton still looked strong and a freekick by Gibson was palmed away by the goalkeeper. It rebounded off Timmy and it could so nearly go in. But it headed towards the hands of the goalkeeper.

Final substitution - Strac on for Jelavic, to the standing ovation of the crowd.

Ossie so nearly scored with his quick feet but it's off the post!

But things were marred at the end of the game when Timmy went ballistic. He grabbed the neck of a Newcastle player and rightly got sent off. What a dampener!

Score: Everton 3-1 Newcastle
Scorers: Pienaar, Jelavic, Heitinga
Assist: Gibson
Subs: Distin, Timmy, Strac

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Everton: Brushing Past Fulham

It was an easy game for Eveton as they totally dominated this game. Fulham seemed like they have already ended their season.

Everton plays an unchanged side that drew 4-4 with Manchester United. Distin is asked to cover the left back position once again. The Everton faithful sees the return of AJ who was a favourite of Goodison Park. Former short-term loanee Sanderos also returns to the ground he once played at.

Everton won a free kick in the 5th minute after a clumsy challenge on Pienaar. Jelavic took the free kick and it was the softest penalty that Everton could have received. The Fulham used his arms to block the ball from hitting his face. The referee had no choice but to give the penalty.

Jelavic stood forward to take the penalty and scores. Another goal for Everton's prolific scorer. Everton 1-0 Fulham.

A lovely long pass sees Jelavic bringing down the ball with the outside of his foot, before slicing the ball towards goal. Off the post! Soon after, Everton won themselves a corner. Pienaar puts in a lovely corner and Felli, unmarked in the penalty box, planted a lovely header past a Fulham defender who was on the line. Everton 2-0 Fulham. Everton is cruising!

The passes Everton is putting in are really slick. But for about 10 minutes, Everton lost its way a little. Fulham so nearly score but Howard was equal to the task with a acrobatic backward palm to push the ball away from danger.

From a super counter, Everton scores!!! Pienaar saw a gap that he exploited with such aplomb. Jelavic still had much work to do as the keeper had pushed him far wide. Jelavic turned, pushed the ball foward before despatching the ball past the goalkeeper and a defender who was standing on the line at such a tight angle. Everton 3-0 Fulham, and all the goals coming before half time.

During half time, Moyes brought in Cahill for Gibson as the latter seemed to have injured himself. This means that Felli will be required to sit in deeper in midfield while Cahill pairs himself up with Jelavic. Seriously, I'd rather have Barkley.

Everton is slowly picking at Fulham. Lovely move between Cahill and Pienaar. Cahill started the move, put in a square pass to Pienaar who chipped the ball into the path of the running Cahill. The Australian ran past all the defenders and scored with his outstreched foot! Flag punching time! Everton 4-0 Fulham. Lovely assist by Pienaar.

Jelavic had another chance with his free kick. It was heading into the net but was punched away by the goalkeeper.

Everton boy wonder is back. Moyes brought Barkley is in for Felli in the 75th minute. Everton is carving out shot after shot. Both Pienaar and Ossie shots were on target. Only to be palmed away by the goalkeeper.

Final change - Magaye in for Pienaar. The South African has been intrumental in all four goals leaves the field for a well deserved rest. 

Everton totally killed Fulham! Over to Liverpool to win their late game.

Score: Everton 4-0
Scorers: Jelavic (2), Felli, Cahill
Assists: Pienaar 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Everton: Pool, Did You Watch The Game?

When was the last time Everton scored four goals?

Faddie makes his first start with Strac taking the place of Jelavic. We also see Drenthe back on the bench, finally. Pienaar has been placed in the middle of the park with Faddie and Magaye playing wide.

There were just too many misplaced passes and when Everton had the chances, they were just not confident enough to tkae their shots. Faddie has lost quite a bit of his pace but his close control is still intact. So far, he has been one of the more effective players for Everton.
The closest that Everton got to scoring a goal was in the 39th minute where Faddie turned the defender, pushed it to his left foot and took a pot-shot at goal. Saved by the goalkeeper.

Both teams go into alf-time. The balance of the team looks odd. No overlapping runs, Magaye was asleep, Ossie was nowhere to be found. Only Pienaar is running like a mad dog! What's happening? I know I said that we should keep our team for the FA Cup, but our players should still be fighting for their places! I'm sure that's what Moyes will be reminding them about.

After 51 minutes of silence, Goodison came alive! Hibbo fought hard for the ball. Corner. Faddie curled in a lovely cross. Pienaar back-headed the ball. The entire Sunderland defence looked static when the ball arrived for Ossie. He took the ball first time. Powerful shot. Palmed away by the goalkeeper. Only as far as Magaye who smashed the ball so hard that the net nearly burst! Great goal. Everton 1-0 Sunderland.

It's great to see Drenthe back. He comes in for Faddie who has done pretty ok for the team. You wonder which type of play he brings to the team. Hopefully a positive one. Thankfully, it's through Drenthe's effective play that started the second goal. The Dutchman bamboozled the defence before passing the ball to Magaye. He saw an opening and made an incisive pass to Pienaar who curled the ball into the top right corner of the net! Another great goal! Everton 2-0 Sunderland.

This gives Moyes a chance to rest Felli. Anichebe is in.

Not to be undone, Ossie chested the ball down soon after, controlled it, and curled it back to the top right corner once again! Third great goal! Everton 3-0 Sunderland.

That was not the end. Drenthe and Pienaar combined on the right to give the Sunderland team hell. Pienaar once again shielded the ball wel before putting in another lovely pass. Anichebe was the first to it but missed his first shot completely. He somehow managed to turn around before smashing the ball into goal, albeit a slight deflection. Everton 4-0 Sunderland.

All the players out there were heroes and they have really set up an exciting match against Liverpool. We will win Liverpool!

Score: Everton 4-0 Sunderland
Scorers: Magaye, Pienaar, Ossie, Anichebe
Assists: Magaye (2), Pienaar
Subs: Drenthe, Anichebe, Coleman